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Why patients seeking anti-aging treatments consider Botox injections

Botox. Many of us have heard of this injectable treatment, but are not sure if it is a treatment we would like to undergo. Botox has been around for years, and continues to be a cosmetic solution that is asked for by name. This particular injectable is designed to reduce the formation of dynamic wrinkles and folds on the face. I tis injected into the muscles of the face to reduce contractions and smooth away imperfections on the upper third of the face. Botox injections are best for crow’s feet, glabellar lines (frown lines or “elevens” between the eyebrows), and forehead folds.

Why choose Botox?

Botox is an FDA-approved solution for patients with dynamic wrinkles, and is an affordable solution for many. Instead of undergoing expensive and invasive plastic surgeries such as brow lifts of facelifts, patients can use these injectables to achieve results when dealing with mild to moderate signs of aging. Botox injections last many months, allowing patients to come in regularly for treatments to maintain their results with time. Botox is one of many cosmetic injectables available on the market, and can be used alongside other products such as Juvederm or Sculptra injections.

Who is a good candidate for Botox?

Most of the patient who come to our practice to find a solution to aging skin will ask about their candidacy for Botox. Both adult men and women can utilize this injectable treatment to get the results they truly desire without the need for plastic surgery. In fact, many patients will utilize cosmetic injectables to address the signs of aging well before they are candidates for procedures such as facelifts and browlifts. During a consultation appointment, Dr. Cynthia Cote can evaluate an induvial to find out which treatment in the office would be best for their unique situation.

Turn back the hands of time today!

Fight dynamic wrinkles on the skin with the use of Botox injections at MD Cote of Maple Valley, WA. Call (425) 413-8292 to request a consultation visit with Dr. Cynthia Cote and find out more about Botox and other cosmetic injectables available for reversing the unwanted signs of aging and slowing the process with time.

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