Acne Treatment for Sensitive Skin

At MD Coté Medical Laser & Spa, we have a comprehensive acne treatment package that will help both active acne conditions as well as the scarring from past episodes.

VI Peel Acne

The Vi Peel is a gentle, yet powerful, medical-grade chemical peel for the treatment of acne and acne scarring, as well as improvement of overall skin health.

The Vi Peel is safe and effective on all skin types and colors, and is the only peel safe for the under-eye area. It is painless and requires minimal downtime. With the Vi Peel, the magic is in the formula. A blend of minerals work together to safely remove the damaged layers of the skin, promote cellular turnover, and refine the surface layer for a smoother, clearer, firmer skin that has a more youthful and radiant appearance.

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis skin rejuvenation treatments are safe and effective ways to treat scarring, and diffuse redness, uneven texture and large pores. Laser Genesis is a non-ablative, non-invasive and comfortable form of skin rejuvenation. By gently heating the upper dermis and targeting discolor in the skin, the appearance of acne scars and redness is reduced.

VI Peel
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