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What should I expect from laser tattoo removal?

Maple Valley, WA area men and women who have had tattoos put on their skin often believe at the time they pay for the design that they will love it forever. However, relationships change, tastes change, and careers change, leading many to feel regretful for certain tattoos. It used to be that a tattoo could not be removed, but with continue advances in medical technology, patients can now reverse tattoos and achieve clear, beautiful skin with the power of laser light energy!

What is laser tattoo removal?

A popular cosmetic treatment provided at MD Cote is that of laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal is an aesthetic treatment that uses medical devices to obtain dramatic results. This treatment uses laser light energy that penetrates into the skin and can break down pigmentation used in tattoo ink. In doing so, the skin will naturally absorb the ink and over time, the tattoo will appear faded. With routine treatments spaced weeks apart, many patients can achieve full remove within approximately 6 months. Of course, there are some factors that can contribute to how quickly a tattoo can be removed. These include:

  • Age of the tattoo
  • Quality of inks used in the tattoo
  • Color of the inks used in the tattoo
  • Size of the tattoo

Who is a candidate for laser tattoo removal?

Patients of all skin colors and ethnicities can enjoy the benefits of laser tattoo removal. Our team will evaluate a patient who arrives at our practice with a desire to remove a tattoo, and educate them on the process moving forward.

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Are you considering laser tattoo removal? Do you think you’re a great candidate, and are excited to find out how to erase that embarrassing tattoo on your skin? Are you ready to rejuvenate your appearance and eliminate regrettable ink? If this sounds like you, and you live in the area of Maple Valley, Washington, we strongly encourage you to book an appointment at MD Cote today to discuss your options. Our team is conveniently located at 27203 216th Avenue, Suite A and can be reached telephonically to request a visit at (425) 413-8292.

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