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When should I consider laser hair removal?

At MD Cote, patients have access to a wide selection of medical aesthetic treatments. This includes permanent hair removal options including laser hair removal. Dr. Cynthia Cote is pleased to provide this and other laser-based therapies for new and established patients in the area of Maple Valley, Washington. 

How does laser hair removal work? 

Dr. Cynthia Cote describes laser hair removal as a way of permanently damaging the hair follicles to keep them from producing hair in the future. Because the laser light can only treat hair that is in the active growth phase, it requires several sessions spaced weeks apart. With each treatment, hair in the treated area becomes less and less. Thickened areas become more sparse, and with continue treatments, patients will experience full hair removal. 

When should I consider laser hair removal? 

Patients can get laser hair removal done at any time of the year. Unlike treatments such as waxing, which require patients to let the hair in the treated area grow to effectively remove it, laser hair removal can be done at any point in time. Patients who want hair-free legs or bikini lines for summer will want to start their treatments in the fall to hopefully have all the hair treated by the following summer. 

Who is a candidate for laser hair removal? 

Any patient who wants to permanently remove unwanted hair on the body or face can ask our team at MD Cote about undergoing laser hair removal. This includes patients who may want to thin hair in a particular area of the body, including the chest, back, and arms. Each treatment will remove more and more hair until the entire area has been effectively addressed with this laser therapy. 

How much does laser hair removal cost? 

The cost of treatment varies depending on how many sessions are needed and the size of the area being treated. 

Ready to make an appointment? 

Learn about laser hair removal and other cosmetic treatments for the face and body by calling the practice of Dr. Cynthia Cote and her team in Maple Valley, Washington. Her practice is conveniently located at 27203 216th Avenue SE, Suite A and accepts new and established patients who call to request a visit at (425) 413-8292.

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