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What is dermaplaning and how can it benefit me?

When patients visit with the team at MD Cote in Maple Valley, WA, they are often seeking solutions for improving the appearance, health, and quality of their skin. There are so many skincare services to choose from today, including chemical peels, facials, cosmetic injectables, and even laser skin resurfacing. However, a popular option for patients who want to quickly and dramatically improve their skin’s appearance, including texture and tone, is with dermaplaning. This treatment is readily available for patients at MD Cote who are looking for full exfoliation and noticeable changes after a single treatment session. 

What is dermaplaning? 

The best way to describe dermaplaning is as a minimally invasive skin exfoliation treatment. With the use of a sharp dermatological blade, cleaned skin is strategically removed. This exfoliates away dead skin cells and peach fuzz that tend to remain on the upper layer of the skin. With dermaplaning, patients will notice smooth, exfoliated skin with a fresher appearance after just one treatment. 

Does dermaplaning hurt? 

Because dermaplaning using a sharp blade to slough off dead skin cells and peach fuzz, it may sound rather intimidating. However, when performed by a highly trained professional at MD Cote, patients will enjoy a safe and comfortable procedure. The blade used does not cause abrasions or cuts, ensuring that each treatment is completely non-invasive. 

How often should dermaplaning be performed? 

To see the best results over time, patients will need to have dermaplaning done regularly to keep the skin exfoliated and smooth. It is recommended that patients come in every four to six weeks for dermaplaning services to keep the skin beautiful. Dermaplaning can be used in conjunction with other skin services at MD Cote, so do not be afraid to ask our team about combining treatments for more dramatic results! 

Ready to discuss the benefits of dermaplaning with the team at MD Cote? 

 Maple Valley, WA area men and women interested in dermaplaning and other skin rejuvenation services are welcome to book an appointment at the practice of Dr. Cynthia Cote. Her facility is located at 27203 216th Avenue SE, Suite A and accepts new and returning patients who call (425) 413-8292 for an appointment.

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