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Frequently asked questions about the dermaplaning procedure

Keeping the skin healthy also requires patients to regularly exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells that may cause the skin to look dull. With a treatment known as dermaplaning, patients can do just this, while also removing the thin hair known as “peach fuzz” that is present on the facial skin as well. By eliminating peach fuzz and dead skin cells, the face will appear brighter and a more even skin tone can be achieved. With regular treatment, patients can maintain these results longer. At MD Cote, many patients will ask about this procedure and have questions regarding treatment. 

What is dermaplaning? 

During dermaplaning, a small surgical blade is used along the surface of the skin to remove hair and dead skin cells. The technique used is often gentle, small strokes. 

Is dermaplaning painful? 

The procedure is not painful. In fact, many patients find it to be relaxing and can integrate it with facials and other treatments with our team. 

How many treatments do I need? 

Dermaplaning is a treatment that can be done once or regularly depending on the needs of the patient. Most patients will benefit from a series of several treatments spaced approximately one to one and a half months apart for maintenance. 

What can I expect after dermaplaning procedure? 

After treatments, the skin is soft, bright, and smooth. Patients might experience some sensitivity or dryness for a few days after treatment, but this will often resolve on its own. 

When will I see results? 

Results are seen immediately afterwards, and the skin will heal and replenish for continued brightening and complexion improvements. 

Discuss dermaplaning with Dr. Cynthia Cote today 

If you are considering dermaplaning or any other treatment for improving the skin, connect with a dermatologist who offers a wide range of services for new and established patients. Patients can call MD Cote of Maple Valley, Washington to talk about their needs with a professional. Call (425) 413-8292 to request your consultation at 27203 216th Avenue SE, Suite A. We are here to help patients in and around the community with their cosmetic and medical dermatology needs.  

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