Broadband light treatments to enhance the skin’s appearance and health

Enhancing the skin with products is one way to ensure overall health and a beautiful appearance. However, there are other options available when it comes to treating problematic skin. At MD Cote, our professionals use today’s most innovative technologies to improve the skin in ways never thought possible In fact, one of our popular light-based therapies is that of BBL, or “broadband light.” 

What is BBL? 

Broadband light is a treatment that uses light energy that penetrates into the skin to improve its health and appearance. It does this by delivering light energy that heats up the upper layer of skin, stimulating the skin’s generation of collagen. This treatment has set higher standards for anti-aging methods and continues to be a popular choice for many of the patients who visit us at MD Cote. 

What can broadband light therapy treat? 

Several skin conditions can be improved with this single treatment, making it a wonderful choice for those who are seeking dramatic changes. Some of the conditions that can be treated with broadband light therapy include: 

  •         Sunspots and age spots
  •         Sun damage
  •         Fine lines and wrinkles
  •         Small facial veins and broken capillaries
  •         Hyperpigmentation (birthmarks and freckles)
  •         Facial redness
  •         Dull skin complexion
  •         Poor skin tone and texture

What to avoid prior to broadband light therapy 

Before undergoing BBL treatment, Dr. Cynthia Cote recommends patients learn about preparation recommendations that need to be follower before undergoing light-based therapies at MD Cote. Below are just a few of the pre-treatment instructions provided by our team for patients: 

  •         Avoid sun tanned or burned skin four weeks before laser treatments
  •         Avoid self-tanning lotions one month beforehand
  •         Avoid the use of Retin-A, Differin, or Renova a week prior to the appointment
  •         Take an antiviral drug for five days prior to treatment if you have a history of fever blisters, cold sores, or herpes
  •         For comfort, our team will provide a topical anesthetic cream that should be applied to the treated areas approximately one hour before arriving for your appointment

Ready to learn more about BBL therapies? 

Connect with Dr. Cynthia Cote and her team in Maple Valley, WA to speak to learn about light-based therapies for the skin and how effective they can be at improving its health and appearance.

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