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Ways to care for acne-prone skin

Acne is a skin condition that many individuals encounter at some point in their lives. This inflammatory condition is often seen in teenagers as they enter into puberty, triggered by significant hormonal changes that happen during this time. However, there are other factors that can contribute to an individual developing acne. This includes factors such as stress levels, genetics, and diet. While many drugstores offer products to help patients with acne, some of these fail to assist in controlling the condition, leaving patients frustrated and embarrassed about their condition. However, the team at MD Cote of Maple Valley, WA is here to provide you with solutions for caring for your acne-prone skin to reduce blemishes and improve the skin’s health and appearance over time. 

How do I care for myself and my acne-prone skin? 

Many patients who deal with acne will ask Dr. Cynthia Cote of MD Cote about products to use and techniques to consider for clearing the skin and controlling their acne. Below are a few recommendations and tips that may be mentioned to patients to help them care for their acne-prone skin: 

  •         Get a proper diagnosis of the type of acne you are dealing with. Some acne is more difficult to control than others, and may need the assistance of a prescription medication to manage.
  •         Develop a proper skincare routine for your skin type. Not everyone with acne has oily skin, and many patient might have dry or combination skin that can make it difficult to address acne effectively. Speaking with a dermatologist regarding the best products to use is a smart first step.
  •         Wash your skin as directed. Washing the skin more often seems like a viable solution to acne, but too much washing and washing incorrectly with the wrong products can only make acne worse. Ask the dermatologist about how often the skin should be cleansed, and ask about gentle cleansers with active ingredients to soothe acne.
  •         Consider hormonal treatments. Patients, especially women, often experience acne breakouts during specific times in their menstrual cycle. Getting on hormonal medications such as birth control can often keep this type of acne from becoming problematic.

Call MD Cote today to learn more about caring for acne-prone skin 

Whether you have mild acne or a more severe case, it is vital that you work with a dermatologist to control the condition and reduce the chances of permanent scarring on the skin. If you live in the area of Maple Valley, Washington and are ready to work with an experienced provider to care for the skin, contact Dr. Cynthia Cote and her team by calling (425) 413-8292 to request an appointment at 27203 216th Avenue SE, Suite A.   

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