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Bellafill® (formerly Artefill®) is a unique product FDA approved for use in the United States in late 2006.  Bellafill® is an advanced composite material, composed of 80 % bovine collagen (with a small amount of lidocaine) and 20 % polymethylmethacrylate microspheres (PMMAM).  When injected, it initially acts just like any other filler, but while the body absorbs the collagen, it cannot absorb the PMMAM, so they remain as a matrix around which your body’s own tissue fills in to create permanent wrinkle correction.


The technology only began development in 2004, and it has only been approved for use in the United States for a short time, so it is impossible to know exactly how permanent the results will be.  However, all indications seem to be that the results are highly persistent.  In one study, the results did not diminish at all over the first six months following treatment, the effective lifetime of short-term treatments like Juvederm®. Of course, our bodies will continue to age, and suffer the same conditions that caused the initial wrinkle formation.


Bellafill® (formerly Artefill®) is injected underneath the wrinkle, just above the skin’s fat layer. The treatment itself is similar to temporary dermal filler treatments. It involves injections with a fine needle and takes only a few minutes.  You can return to your normal activities immediately.

Because it contains bovine collagen, the FDA also requires that you have a Bellafill® allergy test before receiving treatment.  Since the bovine collagen is highly purified and from a closed-herd stock of domestic cattle, none of the participants of the initial clinical trials had an allergic reaction to the treatment.


Results of Bellafill® (formerly Artefill®) are immediate and improve over time. Results of the treatment can last 10 or more years.  Most people get the results they want with one or two treatments, depending on the depth of their wrinkles and folds. Click below to see our amazing before and after photos.